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Code of Conduct

The essence of corporate governance is based on the spirit of free enterprise principles and integrity. The duty to act in good faith in the interest of Sedibeng Water does not end with the Board, but encompasses all employees as well as all other parties concerned. Good relations between all parties require honesty, openness and fairness. Each and every employee is expected to apply sound judgment in deciding on the most ethical means of dealing with any situation involving customers, competitors, suppliers, the public and fellow employees in general.

Against this background, the Board of Sedibeng Water has approved a Code of Conduct for both employees and the Board on 22 September 2006. This Code of Conduct is effective from the date of approval and all employees are encouraged to observe and abide by this Code.

The purpose of the Code is to support Sedibeng Water’s vision, mission and values by informing employees of acceptable and unacceptable conduct and/or behaviour. The Code of Conduct is applicable to all current and potential employees of the organisation as defined in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and/or the Labour Relations Act, unless specified otherwise in the document and/or any other policy or rules and regulations of the organisation.

The Code of Conduct gives directives on issues such as:
• Dealing with customers;
• Dress code;
• Respect for individual employees;
• Employee’s duties towards Board members;
• Manager’s duties towards other managers;
• Patent rights;
• Matters regarding suppliers;
• Dealing with the media, government and the regulator; and
• Dealing with the community.
The Code of Conduct gives directives on issues such as:
• Employees’ conduct towards each other;
• Employees’ conduct at meetings;
• Safe working environment;
• Substance abuse;
• Conflict of interest;
• Business courtesies, gifts, invitations and favors;
• Fraudulent and unlawful conduct Involvement in political activities;
• Organisation’s funds and property;
• Dealing with proprietary information;
• Organisational records;
• Copyright;
• Responsibilities of all employees; and
• Employee’s general obligations and responsibility.

Ms. Mpinane Anastacia Shasha, Acting Chief Executive of Sedibeng Water, emphasises that all employees must familiarise themselves with the content of this Code of Conduct according to which the organisation’s business will now be conducted. “Ignorance of any provision of this Code cannot be presented as an excuse for non-compliance. Any violation will result in disciplinary action in terms of our Disciplinary Procedure and Code. I urge employees to support the implementation of this Code of Conduct to enhance their personal and work ethics and to ensure that the corporate culture at Sedibeng Water is characterized by integrity, good values, fairness and professionalism,” says Ms. Shasha. Copies of the Code of Conduct are available at every reception or place where management or employees meet regularly. Any enquiries regarding the content and implementation of the Code of Conduct can be directed to the office of the Acting Company Secretary and Manager: Secretariat, Adv. Machii Dladla.