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Scientific Services

The Department of Scientific Services in Sedibeng Water is operating from a central laboratory at Balkfontein in the Free State Province. The laboratory has been accredited since 2002 against the international standard, ISO/IEC 17025 and its scope of accreditation includes chemical as well as bacteriological analyses. By continually extending its scope of accreditation and by the further development of already professionally qualified and competent personnel, the laboratory ensures its competitiveness in the water field.

The Quality Control Laboratory of Sedibeng Water will be the best analytical facility in our area of supply and to provide the most modern, accurate, cost efficient, and competitively priced laboratory service to our various customers.


To provide an accurate, reliable, professional and economically viable laboratory services to internal and external clients within agreed time frame, in terms of ISO/IEC 17025(2005) requirements and with respect to our clients and fellow employees.


To provide an efficient, reliable and sustainable consultancy service associated with new business development initiatives, ensuring a high quality, scientifically based and cost-effective environmental risk management and legislative compliance capability to internal and eternal clients.

• To invest in the continuous training and development of our employees in order to produce accurate and reliable results performed by competent staff.
• To extend the scientifically based support service to all our clients, focusing mainly on water related industries.
• To provide continuous, effective and efficient water and wastewater quality monitoring, which are in line with legislative requirements.
• To provide water quality testing, using methods accredited by SANAS and which are in line with ISO/IEC 17025(2005).
• To provide sound scientifically based support to all our internal and external clients in order to meet the requirements of all relevant regulations pertaining to the treatment of water for potable purposes, wastewater treatment and environmental management.
• To provide research and development consultancy services, technical expertise and training on water and wastewater technologies.
• To proactively seek to continue with, and improve on our social responsibility and a good return on investment via ongoing new initiatives including consultancy services, training and development.
• To enhance customer and client satisfaction.

The department's most valuable assets are the recognised technical expertise in water related services, accumulating to more than a hundred years of experience in the water industry. We believe in the continuous development of our employees through furthering of their studies and in-house training through practical experience and mentorship.

The Department accommodates a well-equipped laboratory that meets international standards; ISO/IEC 17025(2005) accredited by SANAS, and consisting of various service units, managed by qualified water specialists and ensuring that all our clients are provided with accurate, reliable and cost-effective services.

The key services offered by the Department include amongst other the performance of chemical and bacteriological analyses associated with the production of portable water, wastewater treatment, environmental management, industrial processes and process optimisation. Water related consultancy services are offered, including process control and the training of plant operators and process control and the training of plant operators and process controllers

The Department is also involved in community development related to water quality awareness and management

Scientific Services

• Chemical and Bacteriological analyses
• Process problem solving and control
• Process Optimisation
• Process Upgrading
• Training: Laboratory staff, Process controllers and Operators
Wastewater treatment
• Chemical and Bacteriological analyses
• Chemical treatment and process upgrading
• Process problem solving and control
• Training: Laboratory staff, Process controllers and Operators
Water quality management in network
• Chemical and Bacteriological analyses
• Consultancy
• Training

Training Services
• Training on unit processes and optimisation
• Chemical and bacteriological analyses
• Pollution control
• In service training and experiential training programmes, working as partners with academic institutions
• Sampling

Wet Chemistry Laboratory
• Determination of physical properties, and
• Stability indexes of water for potable use:

  • pH
  • Turbidity
  • Colour
  • Conductivity
  • Total Dissolved Solids

Scientific Services

• Instrumentation includes:
o ICP to analyse for heavy metals and alkali metals
o Aquakem discrete analyser for anions
o DOC analyser.

Microbiology Laboratory

• Algal identification and enumeration
• Coliphages
• Cryptosporidium and Giardia species
• Heterotrophic Plate Counts
• Total Coliform Organisms
• Faecal Coliform Organisms
• E. coli

• pH
• Conductivity
• Oxygen Absorbed (OA)
• Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
• Ammonia as Nitrogen (NH3-N)
• Nitrate as Nitrogen (NO3-N)
• Suspended Solids
• Ortho-phosphate
• Sludge analyses
• Total Alkalinity (TA)
• Plant audits
• Assessment and evaluation of various water chemicals
• Plant Optimisation
• Troubleshooting
• Investigation into water quality problems
• Research and Development of new processes
• Training of internal and external personnel on water and wastewater processes