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Statement of Capabilities

Technical Services
• Evaluation and planning of systems;
• Project planning and management;
• Refurbishment and upgrade of existing infrastructure; and
• Implementing agency.

Social Services and Community Involvement
• Capacity building and training; and
• Community involvement in water and sanitation facilitation.

Wastewater Treatment
• Chemical and bacteriological analysis;
• Chemical treatment and process upgrading;
• Process problem solving and control;
• Process optimisation; and
• Consultancy

Water Quality Management in Network and Environmental Services
• Chemical analysis;
• Bacteriological analysis;
• Toxicity testing; and
• Consultancy (waste disposal and pollution control).

Water and Wastewater Management Services
• Bulk water treatment and distribution;
• Retail water services;
• Bulk sanitation management; and
• Water metering and billing services.

Operations and Maintenance Services
• Optimisation of operational and infrastructure efficiencies; and
• Infrastructure maintenance and support services.

Water Purification
• Chemical analysis;
• Bacteriological analysis;
• Process upgrading;
• Process problem solving and control;
• Process optimisation; and
• Consultancy.

Training and Development Services
• Water purification and distribution:
✓Theoretical and practical aspects of the operation and maintenance of different unit processes;
✓Process optimisation;
✓Comprehensive filter evaluation;
✓Sampling procedures and techniques;
✓Management of water quality in the network; and
✓Reservoir cleaning.
• Wastewater treatment:
✓Plant optimisation; and
✓Theory of wastewater treatment.
• Establishment of laboratories:
✓Implementation of a quality management system; and
✓Performing of chemical and bacteriological analyses on drinking water and wastewater.
• Industrial cost-recovery;
• Pollution control; and
• Student training programmes.